For Older Readers

The stories and poems in this section may be most appropriate for young adult readers, but have something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Singular Beauty

"I charge each of you to bring me a gift. It needs not be large, expensive, nor grandiose. It needs only be unique. Bring me something that is the only one of its kind. This challenge will require thought. It will require imagination."

The Backward-Looking Deer

It was that encroaching distance between them that prompted Adam to propose this adventure, an opportunity for father-son time together. The years were slipping away too quickly, and there was so much he wanted to teach Noah; so many things he...


Jowls appeared like an apparition, an amalgamation of the Michelin Man and a ninja, pedaling toward us in a skin-tight karate gi.

a slug on a road

Water Stains

"What are the new neighbors like?" Mom asked. "I hope they fit in."

Brody wondered how or where the new neighbors were supposed to fit. Adults said the weirdest things sometimes.

On the Cliff

She wants to see it, the sky, haloed in horizon, sprawled out in a panorama. Overwhelmed by emotion, Gwyneth’s eyes shift out of focus. But she sees it — the light — flickering in front of her. Calling out to her.