For Younger Readers

The stories and poems in this section may be most appropriate for middle-grade readers, but have something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

American Heroic

Jay looks over at me now, twirling the stem of the leaf between her fingers. “I wanted to be an artist. Like a painter with an easel and a French beret, that’s how I pictured it. But now I want to make comic books. I want to make stories about kids...

Find Buster

When Mom came home, she handed me a piece of paper. It had a picture of a small dog with the word LOST on the top. “A customer at the store told me she lost her dog, and she’s offering one thousand dollars to anyone who finds him,” Mom said. “We...


“Hey Everybirdy, Everybirdy look at me!”
said the biggest, loudest birdy in the Evergreen Tree.
“I’ve got a lot to say, a lot of worms to eat,
and I’ll tell you more about it in my very next tweet”.