Porch Swing Meditations

Ever since I was little
I had the habit of
Liking over-honeyed tea

We wrapped our hands around the
Mugs and held them close to our faces
To warm our cheeks and noses

We breathed in the dust that fell from the stars
As you walked us down the night-fallen street
And pointed out the Big Dipper

You showed me your green-coded
Pictures of nebulas

And taught me to cry galaxies
So when I’m older
I can wear the universe on my face

Emma Grace Martin is an avid poet, creative, and sitcom enthusiast who has been writing for years. Her passion for learning and fine tuning her writing skills has led her to pursue various opportunities such as writing plays and sketches for her school’s drama program, attending evening creative writing workshops with colleges such as University of Washington, and going to New York City to study screenwriting with other writers and filmmakers such as herself. Emma credits self-reflection along with nostalgia as the inspiration for her work and has since found her purpose in writing and creating. She wants to let you know that she is not finished leaving her mark on the world just yet.