“Hey Everybirdy, Everybirdy look at me!”
said the biggest, loudest birdy in the Evergreen Tree.
“I’ve got a lot to say, a lot of worms to eat,
and I’ll tell you more about it in my very next tweet”.

“Hey! Everybirdy in the Evergreen tree,
if you want to be a fatter birdy listen carefully.
We’ve got a couple Blue Birds in this tree, have you forgotten?
Let’s give them all the yucky dried-up worms that have gone rotten.
We Red Birds get the worms that are the fattest and most sweet.
I’ll tell you all about it in my very next tweet.”

“Hey Every Red-dy of the Evergreen Tree,
the Blue Birds, the Poo Birds, are gonna let us be!
They’re gathering their twiggy things, I’m feeling oh so merry!
But when they leave we cannot let them take a single berry.
Our glory days are coming and my victory is sweet,
and I’ll tell you all about it in my very next…
Mmwtt! Mmwtt! Mmwtt!”

“Oh Biggest, Fattest, Loudest Bird, you’ve lost your right to tweeter,
for we have bound and tied your beak in honor of our reader.
We think it’s surely safe to say that birdies Red or Blue,
have something large in common and it’s being sick of you!
And so, our foolish feathered friend, it’s time to hear and see,
that Every Bird is welcome in the Evergreen Tree.

Yes, every color, every size,
the birdy girls, the birdy guys,
the birds with different kinds of eyes,
the one who walks, the one who flies:

Yes, Every Bird is welcome in the Evergreen Tree.

Sheila Dobbyn