For Younger Readers

The stories and poems in this section may be most appropriate for middle-grade readers, but have something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Four Raindrops Big

"Behind your eyes is a magic box joined to your brain by one million wires. It’s like the world’s smallest camera, and it takes beautiful pictures, whenever you want them, of all the things you love."

Finicky Mrs. Wren

Back and forth all day she flits /
and through the hole in their house she fits / not just each different thing she brings /but herself too, making sure each thing / is put in its proper place inside / until she's finally satisfied.

Something Wild

At the back of the boxcar, something small and almost human crouched in the dimness. The creature wasn’t in a cage. Whenever Henry’s father locked this animal behind bars, it screeched so loudly that Henry begged for it to be let out.

Real Treasure

They reached the top of the slope leading up to the cavern’s mouth. The shadows clustered at the throat of the cave, and they gathered and darkened in the gullet. There were no eyes gleaming in the depths of the cave, no glints of light reflecting...